Firstly hello, secondly welcome, and lastly thank you for visiting my blog Coeliac by the Sea!

I’m Alice, a twenty-something year old coeliac, struggling (as we all are) trying to navigate through this gluten-filled world unscathed. Having been diagnosed over three years ago now, I’m mostly on top of the ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ and the coeliac must of always being prepared…whether that be having a trusty lunch box and homemade goodies sorted incase the very limited section of gluten free ‘on the go’ food is all sold out or researching a restaurant menu and interrogating the poor staff to make sure that there are gluten free options available.

However, being from, and living in Cornwall, which although definitely has its upsides, mainly being surrounded by glorious natural landscapes and the beauty of living on the coast (something I will aim to share through my blog and Instagram), does come with some downsides. 

The downsides of living in Cornwall are unfortunately also the same reasons that make it so special, this being the fact that it is so far from practically anywhere else! Living in a county that is pretty much rock bottom of the country, means that it takes a lot of time and effort to get to basically anywhere else in the UK. Of course, I am exaggerating a little, but it is true that sometimes it does almost feel separate to the rest of the country. 

While Cornwall is extremely well known and popular as one of the UK’s most favoured tourist destinations, the main attractions of it being an escape from city life means that it can be limiting in terms of the lack of well known chain restaurants that now cater for the gluten free market and unfortunately always being the last to have the latest products or never receiving them at all in the gluten free food aisles.

While Cornwall doesn’t have many dedicated gluten and/or dairy free venues, there are many places across the county that do provide for those who either need or want to a ‘free from’ life… And these lovely places that mean I can go out and eat food like a normal person are what I want to share with you!… (that is of course if you’re still reading and have made it this far).

So as well as sharing reviews of wonderful food and places I have discovered out and about in the land of Kernow, I will also aim to fill my blog with my own gluten free creations (made with Cornish based products as much as possible) and my Instagram with (hopefully) photos of my coeliac life by the sea.