Beer & Bird – St Ives

Being gluten free, there are so many different foods and restaurants that are almost instantly ruled out, and this is usually when fried food is at play and everything is covered in batter or breadcrumbs. Definitely in the UK, ‘fast food’ type food that is sold at places such as McDonald’s and KFC are an 100% no-no. 

Enter ‘Beer & Bird’, an amazing restaurant in the beautiful seaside town of St. Ives. I’d go so far as saying this place is every chicken loving Coeliac’s dream. The independent family-owned restaurant specialises in, what it says on the tin really, delicious free-range fried chicken and a never-ending range of craft beers (more on the drinks later). In Cornwall, St. Ives is quite a good place for someone eating a gluten free diet, with lots of cafes (as talked about on previous posts) and restaurants having gluten free options whether that be a cake, or an evening meal. However, ‘Beer & Bird’ sticks out with its youthful appeal, in-trend vibe, and gourmet take on what may usually be considered as ‘fast food’ or ‘pub food’. 

So what makes it so good for a Coeliac or someone on a gluten free diet? ALL of their chicken is covered in a gluten free breadcrumb coating (it’s not an option, it just is!!)…and it tastes absolutely amazing!! It’s so nice to be able to go out and have something to eat at a restaurant that you thought you’d never be able to eat out and have again. I honestly can’t praise Beer & Bird enough for how delicious the chicken and coating is. 

On this occasion, I couldn’t resist going for the boneless bucket of chicken tenders as you can see in the glorious picture below, however they also do a whole range of burgers with the option of a gluten free bun or chicken on the bone if that’s your preference. 

Gluten Free Cornwall Beer and Bird

The restaurant also has a wide range of options for anyone on a vegetarian or vegan diet, even making their own vegan fried chicken.

As you can see featured in the picture above, not only did we an array of potato fries, we also couldn’t resist having some vegetarian halloumi fries as this tasty snack on the side is gluten free too!! What more could you wish for?!

A little bit of advice for anyone visiting this otherwise fabulous restaurant is that while it does cater for basically every different dietary requirement which is a lot more than what other places would even think about, I don’t think the requirements often cross over, so I’m not sure how many options there would be for a gluten free vegan for instance. 

Now I’ve covered the ‘bird’, I’ll briefly cover the ‘beer’ part of their namesake. Beer and Bird not only have one gluten free beer on offer they have THREE, so you’re not at all limited in terms of alcohol if you’re a fan of having a bottle of beer with your meal. This in itself shows that Beer and Bird are not only happy to accommodate those on a gluten free diet but are going the extra mile to make sure there is lots of choice and availability and that you don’t feel like you’re the odd one out who can’t enjoy themselves, instead you can have practically the same as what your friends are having. 

Sometimes it feels like Cornwall lacks a little bit in terms of chain restaurants which obviously tend to cater for a wider range of people as they have many restaurants in different locations, however ‘Beer and Bird’ is a perfect example of an independently owned restaurant in one location which shows understanding of the need to accommodate a gluten free diet and go the extra mile with specifically using a gluten free coating to cover all their tasty free-range chicken. 

If you’re living near or staying in St.Ives or even within a driving distance, I’d highly recommend enjoying a gluten free beer and bird with your friends or family at this awesome restaurant. 

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