Cornish Pasty Week!

This week marks the second year running of ‘Cornish Pasty Week’ created and ran by the Cornish Pasty Association. While the association itself rounds off the week with the grand event of the ‘World Pasty Championships’ at the Eden Project, I decided to start my week by hunting down the best Cornish pasty I could find.

Living in Cornwall, the Cornish pasty is pretty much a staple to your diet. Glorious sunshine outside – perfect pasty weather…Pouring down with rain – well that definitely calls for a nice steak pasty to fill you with warmth. There’s no occasion which a Cornish pasty wouldn’t be part of.

With pasties being everywhere you turn in Cornwall, you can often feel like you’re the odd one out when you’re gluten free, having to treat pasties like they’re evil incarnate when to everyone else there could be nothing better. While of course you can make them yourself, not everyone has the time or ability to do this.

There are a few Cornish bakery companies that do their best to accommodate the gluten free market and try and have some gluten free options. However, more often than not, due to not wanting to cross contaminate, these pasties are often frozen. These frozen pasties generally take around an hour or so to heat up, which means that unless you decide in advance that a pasty is definitely what you want for lunch, you can’t go and grab and lovely piping hot pasty on a whim like your gluten eating family and friends. So you either ruin everyones day by making everyones lunch delayed, or you suck it up and do your best at finding whatever little else shops have to offer. 

Pasty in St Ives

So you can imagine my overwhelming delight when I discovered a quirky little cafe in the streets of St. Ives which not only have gluten free pasties available, but that were actually ready for me to sit in and eat or takeaway that were ready within ten minutes!!

Amazingly, this little cafe purely sells just gluten free pasties which surprised me, but also as you can tell filled me with glee! Not only did this mean no fear of contamination, but also meant that I wasn’t have to wait longer than anyone else, or have to pay a privilege for having the bad luck of suffering with a disease that I couldn’t help. 

The pasties they stock are made by a bakery situated in Portreath, Cornwall called ‘Made Marion Gluten Free’ which is a dedicated gluten free bakery. They don’t just sell pasties, but breads and other sweet treats too, which they sell in their bakeries across Cornwall as well as through their website online. 

No word of a lie, if you did not know these pasties were gluten free you would never guess. It’s been quite a while since I have eaten a freshly cooked pasty, and this one tasted exactly as I remembered. The pastry was perfect, not too crumbly or too hard and filling of scrumptious traditional steak pasty being as enjoyable as I you would hope. The bakery aspires to use locally sourced ingredients where possible across their normal and gluten free range which makes it even better! 

Pasties are not the only thing that ‘The Market Place Tea Rooms’ in St Ives bestow upon us however. They also have gluten free waffles for a yummy, indulgent treat, as well as gluten free and vegan Cornish cream teas(!) and cakes.

So if you find yourself wondering around, and think to yourself, ‘you know what, I really fancy a traditional Cornish pasty’ get yourself to ‘The Market Place’ and be served in minutes…and if you want to stock up simply look out for ‘Made Marion Gluten Free’ pasties at one of their bakeries across the county or get them delivered from their website.

Just be sure not do what I did, and have a seagull try and scoop it right out of your hands before you’ve even managed to take a bite! 


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