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I recently had lunch at the Truro Lounge, a restaurant which is part of ‘The Lounges’ chain who have restaurants all across the country and thought I’d share on my blog what we had to eat and overall opinion of the food and restaurant. 

The fact that this chain of restaurants has a separate gluten free and vegan menu is definitely a winner in my book. No having to search around for any little symbols on the main menu, or seeing all the wonderful foods you wish you could have but you can’t. Having a separate menu means you can see all the things that you can definitely have and it also just made me feel less anxious and worried that I would be getting food that wasn’t gluten free when the server could definitely see that we were picking from the gluten free menu.

The menu had such an array of different options it was fantastic. This ranged from all day gluten free brunches (within this a vegetarian option), to a wide range of burgers with a gluten free bun to tapas. The menu had great variety, and what was great was that they could offer meals that spanned across different dietary requirements which not every restaurant can do, but ‘The Lounge’s’ do this with ease with so many different options.

I decided to go for the gluten free smoked salmon fishcake, with a poached egg and hollandaise on top, and a lovely side of wild rocket and fries. A fishcake at a restaurant, is something that I thought I wouldn’t be an option for me so I was so delighted to see that a gluten free fishcake was on the menu. The dish was cooked to perfection and was delicious and so flavoursome. It filled me up without leaving me feeling bloated or with a heavy stomach which is definitely a plus. 


Gluten Free Cornwall The Lounge

However, it was my fiancee’s meal which was perhaps even more impressive to be available to have at a restaurant. Being a gluten free vegetarian can sometimes leave you with a small amount of options, with those options mainly focusing on salads. However, as you can see from the picture (somewhere) he had a gluten free ‘Beyond’ cheese burger. As I’m sure most of you already know, ‘Beyond Meat’ are a company who specialise in plant-based meat substitutes and their burgers are now available at supermarkets in the UK. It was really cool to be able to get a vegetarian/vegan burger that is also gluten free in a gluten free bun at a restaurant and made us very happy customers! 

We’ll definitely be going back to try all the other options available and perhaps maybe  once we’ve tried most of their other options available to us rate them for you guys so you can see what we think are the best options to go for. If you have a Lounge restaurant in your area I’d highly recommend you go and have a meal there if you haven’t already. 

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